Email Marketing

Email Marketing

The average professional receives around many emails every day. To manage the high volume, people are moving through their inboxes rapidly, looking only for the information they need and deleting anything that seems irrelevant. Producing great e-shots or newsletters that consistently increase profile and drive awareness requires a compelling design and interesting content every time.


Emails, E-shots and Newsletters.

Digital Techno Web creates newsletters that break through the clutter to reach customers and drive results for the clients. We use the following strategies to steer our email campaigns and newsletters.

Develop compelling content and subject lines for desktop and mobile devices every time.

Use subscriber and website visitor information to drive relevancy.

Implement segmentation tactics that drive results

Test to hone newsletters and offers


Email Marketing Reporting

Our reports provide you with accurate email metrics statistics and graphs for each time you send. You will receive a graphical high-level view of your email campaign results every day, plus you will be able to drill down into the specifics of each report – right down to the individual recipient and how they reacted to a given campaign.

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